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About Us

At Larrabee Roofing, roofing is about family and security. We make family a priority—ours and yours. Our founder is a husband and father who is committed to operating the business at the highest standards. Every client receives a quality job from quote to installation to clean-up.

Oregon Roofs Need Expert Roofers

Decades of experience in real estate and construction revealed that one thing was missing in every house—a dry, well-built roof that holds up to Oregon’s weather. We know that our services are only as good as our roofers, and we invest in our employees so they can protect one of the biggest investments in your life—your home.

We’re Proud of Our Team

Our roofers are the best in the industry. They are extensively trained, highly knowledgeable, and experienced. We are proud of our team of long-term roofers that keep our company doing its best, and we make sure they are well compensated for their dedication and expertise.

The expert roofers at Larrabee Roofing work with every type of roofing material, including wood, asphalt, fiberglass shingles, metal and slate. They integrate every component of the roof from the chimney to the gutters to create a secure, watertight roof that looks great and stands the tests of time and weather.